Wrapping up our intriguing look at Fixation

Just us again, we rather enjoy being a regular in your mailbox these days, thank you again for having us, how are you?

As the heading says That’s a Wrap.  

Fixation now done for a bit, we really learned a lot over the past few weeks and the great rollover of this has truly been tenfold.

Not only dissecting & digesting the meaning of fixation but how we can also apply it as a mindset tool for our everyday lives, and for all of us, that’s kind of cool. 

Cool in what way? 

Well, now that you ask (wink!), it’s kind of cool because it is a word used quite often, and becoming aware of words like this, really pushes us along in a positive way. We even discovered a couple of newly released TV series to watch all because of fixation! #littlefireseverywhere 

Still don’t see the cool in all of this maybe?

We learn words from those around us as a young kid, this is how we communicate with others. We are taught that words mean this, and words mean that. Some words we are told not to use, whilst others are permitted. 

The beauty of our mind is that we can choose exactly what words to use and what meaning to place on a word if the actual published meaning is tying us in knots or in some cases, doing our head completely in and we find ourselves in a confused state.

It’s called comprehension and it’s a good way to begin the day.

Do we need to go into this with such depth? We believe the answer to this question is yes.

Comprehending who we are = a peaceful state of mind

So many of us are lost with this clarity thing seemingly like a distant memory or so terribly unreachable. This is regardless of any age group, demographic region, and so on, and this is where a word like fixation can help us.

Not that we need to be overly dramatic about it, but do you know the first part of any change is awareness?

Have you ever heard yourself saying something’s gotta change?

Just by being aware of your surroundings, your state of mind, your likes, and needs, wants, desires, dreams …. this can be life changing! 

In my previous email, I mentioned this …… Boredom can lead to fixation! (dah dah dah!).

So, to avoid the treadmill of an average life (whatever your personal average may look like), we can choose to up the ante and do something about it, if we are unhappy that is. 

What if we are happy though? Why does it seem that personal development is about depression, climbing out of a slump, or doing it tough?

I guess some people may put that kind of spin on human development, but whether we are happy or not, learning something we didn’t know yesterday will only enrich and grow our lives even more. 

We can also impart this newly learned knowledge onto those around us, and who knows which path it will take us on. AND yes, this applies to those of you who aren’t so keen on the mighty thing called ”change”

Next week is July and we begin a new month of adventure and discussion. Our co-writers are tapping away at their keyboards to bring us (yes me too) a jam packed month on Learning Styles and Modalities. 

  • We all learn differently.
  • We all see the world through our own eyes.
  • We all comprehend as individuals.

I watch my children excel at their studies because these days they have such an incredible array of subjects and ways (styles/modalities) to learn which they are free to choose from and be supported with.

A student of today has the opportunity to plan their subject choices and fly to the land of their wildest dreams, to a place that interests them, lifts them up, and plays to their strengths, their full human potential. 

This alone excites me. How about you?

Imagine for a moment ….. if that student was (is) you too? Someone learning, absorbing, accepting … and yes even at the age you may be today, we are forever students of life. 

I will leave you once again with this, I am going to continue fixating on my health, my love of adventure, and loving my people.

And you? What will you be doing today to comprehend the world around you, the people in it, and your fixations?

  1. Will your path be straight forward?
  2. Do you like the twists and turns or do you prefer a more direct route?
  3. What’s your story and who are you going to share it with? 

 I am out of here, until next time

ps. can you see the cool now?

Love you, Penny x

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