What happens when we finish fixating?

Just us again, how are you?

What kind of boredom levels does your mind take you to at certain times of the day and/or night? I must admit my own levels don’t rev up to that extent too often, I generally have something on my mind. Which means boredom doesn’t really have much time to sneak in.

Boredom can lead to fixation! (dah dah dah!)

This week I have a wicked cold and my mind runs at a totally different level than when I’m in top form. My engines are not all firing. It kind of annoys me. Are you the same?

Let’s move on! 🙂

So, this week, is our last big focus on FIXATION. It’s been a big month and an eye-opener because we have learned by tweaking the meaning of fixation (or any word for that matter), it can assist us to ultimately move forward and “obsess” in endless positive areas of our life.

Obsession doesn’t have to hold us back!

Next month, July, is all about our various + varying Learning Styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic etc).

BUT wait! … we still have a week left to FIXATE.

Where can we begin our journey of fixation ultimacy? lol, it sounds so serious, but yes it’s a serious topic for all of us if we are dedicated to moving forward. 

Moving forward? Yes, it’s one of our this decade words, kind of being overused now (a bit like the word journey). Still, I believe it’s a really clear way to highlight the importance of letting past hurts and annoyances go, send them to the wind, and to move on from holding grudges and pain that will never permit healing or moving forward.

“Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” … thanks go to Maria in Sound of Music for this little ditty. #youarewelcome

T A R P Y [say it out loud]


1. Think [where is my focus?]

2. Audit [count the unhealthy V’s healthy fixations]

3. Revaluate [do I need to shake a fixation or two off after my audit? Bring new in?]

4. Plan [my minute/hour/day/week/month will be this focus, not that one]. Make a true plan.

5. Yes! I got this …. let your healthy fixations GO NOTICED. Do not ignore them. Bring them to the party, notice them, every day [I will notice and I will begin this ultimate journey today].

Is this the fix we all need?

Do you know if you need a fix or not?

Pause on this for a quick moment ….

  • FIX means to fasten something into a place or position (verb),
  • FIX also means to be in a predicament of some sort, like being in a pickle or a bind and trying to disentangle oneself out of it  (noun)
  • FIX also means a person (a drug addict maybe) is in need of a dose of a drug, or in need of something else which could range from a drink, friendship, human connection, shopping, cuddles and so on.(noun)
  • We don’t tend to relate the word FIX with FIXATION. 
  • Today we can. 

It’s been a rough start to 2020. For some, rougher than others, really painful and inner souls pulled upon. 

  1. If you are doing ok, ask someone who’s not. Fixate on supporting them, which in turn supports you as well.
  2. If you are not doing ok, reach out, someone will always listen. Fixate on finding the best solutions for you (use TARPY).

I will leave you with this, I am going to fixate on my health right now, I’ve made a flu fighter drink (oranges, sesame, cinnamon, pear, mandarin). I am trying not to fixate on feeling less than human right now, so with my cup of tea, my flu fighting tonic …. until next time.


Love you, Penny

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