Welcome to a Cray Cray World!

Yeh baby! This is it, this is a cray cray world. Cray Cray spins us around and around and then grabs hold of us just incase we haven’t had enough. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  So, how’s your  life going ? Is cray cray working for you? Are you showing up every day like you feel you have to but not actually going anywhere?  Do you feel that “cray cray” sensation often? Can you make it stop? Is the train of life going to slow down for us? 

I think we all know the answer is LIFE won’t slow down, but WE certainly can.  BUT how?  Yes that’s right IF ONLY WE KNOW HOW. 

Whilst I do believe life from now will only increase in speed, really the truth is there is no going back to the old days, they are history. We do have a choice to relieve some of this almighty speed however (yes I talk of choices AGAIN). Turn it down to a lower gear and take hold of the things we used to find important to us such as OUR VALUES and OURSELVES and our QUALITY OF LIFE. I have spoken about values previously, however they can easily be squashed and put to the back of the bus when really they should be in the driver’s seat permanently, sitting next to US (me, you). 

So how do we take steps to slow the ‘cray cray’ down? Even if just a little to allow for some breathing space.  

Get Funky is about DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT with your TODAY so you can set yourself up for TOMORROW, BUT it must be something different from YESTERDAY to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  

It takes around 21 days to break an old habit so the research goes, form a new one so in this current challenge this is what we are aiming for – To break free, form new habits, new mindsets and to change negatives to positives in an instant rather than taking years and years, which is only detrimental to us (as we all fully know).  

One of the steps I now practise on a daily basis is this. Do you know that waiting for about an hour after you have woken before you look at your phone (device) can centre and focus you quicker for your day? By not being cluttered with news feeds and other people’s “stuff” allows you to just be in that moment whilst you wake up, shower, get dressed, make breakfast, plan your day, chat to your loved ones and so on.   

I actually learned this practise at a seminar and I have honestly stuck to it (well, almost). Honestly again……… Oh ok……..I tried it, I let it go for a bit, then I went back at it. What I found when I “let it go” and went back to looking at my device the minute I woke, was that my mindset altered and I felt really tired even before I got out of bed, and this wasn’t due to lack of sleep either.  

I was filling my brain with clutter and it was making me feel tired. I observed this, saw it for what it was and then reverted to my new learned practise. So now I only check newsfeeds and emails once I am up and about and ready for my day. It was a really worthy observation and exercise and I found it really, really works. 

This is one step I have taken to slow the train down for my own life and to put myself in the driver’s seat again. I have managed to drop some speed and eliminate some of that cray cray from creeping in. By implementing and executing a new step in my life has allowed me to pull my “VALUE SOCKS” up and just get on with a focus, a task and life in general. Yep, I’m winning and it feels amazing. I’m not just saying this, it really does. We can ALL do this, not just me, YOU TOO. 

Change nothing, Nothing changes.  Simples!  

Love Penny x (Peace to you, today and every day).Self-Freedom, it is ours!  

*Note “Cray Cray” means Crazy or Really Crazy. It now forms part of our “urban language”.