The Magic of Moving Camp.

Inner thoughts.
Do you have them?
Do they talk often to you?
How do you keep them quiet when and if need be?

I have them. Often. 

I’ve always had a busy head. I believe it’s partly just me, partly my star sign and partly the experiences I’ve encountered during my lifetime so far.

In secret, my thoughts used to consume me. So much so I reached the stage where I just had to find a quieter way to exist.

What did I do?

I decided to move “thought camp”, go elsewhere to see how the “other side” lived, educate myself on the “how to” of relaxing my thoughts and holding some of the good stuff inside i.e. Peace and Quiet. I just wanted to pull the plug for a while, allow myself some breathing space, a zone of my own.

I began to hold an interest on discovering how to quieten the mind, ease the thoughts and acquire the ability (skill) to pull that plug at my own will, to not send me spinning like these thoughts often were.  

Being an emotional and creative creature by birth, I admit my “thought” stories are a bloody good tale, and have kept me entertained for years. They have maintained my emotions, actions and my self regulation. They have provided love, fun, adventure and strength. On the flipside they introduced me to confusion, self sabotage, lack of love, anger and more. 

Our lives are full of twists and turns, most of us would have noted this by now, even for a young person in their teens who’s world is just opening up. 

So residing with our inner thoughts on a permanent basis with some peace & quiet, is this achievable when there is so much going on around us? 

My personal answer, is yes. Previously it would have been without hesitation, a firm no.
My #1 “where to begin” is for us to take ourselves by the hand and learn the art of letting go. Throwing away expectations and expectation setting, from every part of our lives. 

Yes and no.  

It takes time, I will admit to that. Once achieved (or “conquered”) you watch your life turn. You watch your life carefully, observe which camp you are in now and who’s lighting the fire, the energy, the flow and dare I say, the magic!
That is all. Penelope x 

Ps. I love you 


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