Steak Knives or Fries? “Self-Freedom” relies on the choice. Paramount!

Carrying a load of “life rubbish”, or may I call it crap, around with us for too many years is really a huge burden to bear, an utter pain in the ass to be quite frank (can I say that on here?? think I just did). What do you think, would you agree with me? 

Nobody (that I’ve come across so far) doesn’t have their own “stuff” or what we may also refer to as “baggage”. If we don’t have this “stuff & baggage” then really we haven’t lived. Yes some baggage is harder to deal with, painful even, however at the time we chose to pick up that bag and carry it regardless of the outcome so we only have ourselves to look to regards to actions, consequences and responsibility. 

So now with this crap on our shoulders, in our heads and firmly in our hearts, how do we release it? How do we set it free so we can become the people we knew we were when we were small before life took hold? How can we forget about it so we can move on? Bottom line, how can we be happy (again)? 

For me this is where the steak knives and the fries come into the picture. Steak knives are a selling tool used in sales and fries is an upsize sell.  What do you think would happen if you bought what you were buying because the steak knives were an attractive offer to you? What if you actually did say “yes” to the fries? Do you think you would know any of these answers if you sat back and didn’t take the chance to find out? Probably not. Remember: change nothing, nothing changes (and I wholeheartedly mean nothing!). 

So there I was (yes me, PJ), living my life and being overloaded with crap, and I mean a lot of crap. I had not yet made the choice to buy the steak knives or at the very least simply say yes to the fries.

What made me change? What made me eventually upsize my life and take the chance? What made me realise, overcome and begin to heal? What was my final straw, my last hoorah? Well, there were many factors to be honest, but probably the main one being is one day I woke up (quite literally) and saw others being happy and I wasn’t, I really had some anger about how my life had turned out, it wasn’t in the plan to be like this so why? why? why? I saw a woman in the mirror who had lost herself,  lost her soul, trodden on all my values, I was angry, I was annoyed, I was jealous and envious of others. 

So, if I had made my own choices, why was my life so completely lacking in anything I had ever wanted? 

I went to my first Personal Development course and THIS CHANGED MY LIFE. I learned to take responsibility, full 100% responsibility TO ME. I learned that my life in one way wasn’t my fault, but in many other ways it was (this was a bit confusing to start with, but I got it after a while and it SET ME FREE).  

Bottom line of this Blog is BUY THE STEAK KNIVES – take the chance, break through the fears and see what’s on the other side of life. UPSIZE AND SAY YES TO THE FRIES – by saying yes to the fries means adding to your life, increasing your positive days, increasing your “anchors” and realising YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU CAN BE A SELF-FREEDOM WARRIOR. I know you can. If I can, so can you. Trust me on this, we got it! 

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 Penny x