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Are you in two minds? ….

I understand if you are. We may not yet know one another.

If you are in two minds about joining our Ego! App, Hustle Hub or any one of our programmes, please hear this from me ….. Hello again, I am Penny Hall, the Founder & passion behind all of this and I am driven to explore human potential. Perhaps it’s my “hippie” inner spirit guiding me, perhaps not. Maybe it’s just my calling, my genius zone or my superpower. I am simply going with what’s pushing me in this direction. So, hey there!

Creating a platform for people to connect, feel safe and be themselves in isn’t the easiest feat. Building relationships to a level of trust can be tricky too. I believe the human “face 2 face” interaction still needs to be at the front of our existence (for much of the trust ingredient too) + now with the balance of online connection, it’s even trickier to create the time for face2face catch-ups over our online time.

Everyone loves to talk and good (like, really good!) conversation is a true essence of this human existence we are experiencing. Yes, even if you are quiet, you still like to be heard, I know you do! My HustleHub, which is yours too by the way, allows us the combination of staying connected online. I am a huge fan of the digital resources available + living an uncomplicated life. A great combo!

So, it’s all here for you PLUS a mix of human “face2face” connections as well in some of our online goings on. In two minds still? Honestly, it’s really OK.

A beginning step can be to investigate some goals you may have but never really thought too much about them in a serious way or tried to go after them even more seriously. Goals like finishing some study, finding a new job, starting a business, chasing a dream or planning a holiday, travelling, contacting a friend or getting a pet or losing weight or eating healthier.

There’s so many endless and wonderful goals we can set ourselves.

Some of the time no, we don’t achieve or finish them, but I found the main ingredient is just starting. Even writing a few words down on paper (rather than digital format) which makes the goal tangible, something to go for, rather than just in our head or spoken word.

We have attached a resource for you here to begin some goal setting, to see where you go from here. Give it a go and see if it supports or guides you in some way.

Disclaimer: Goals aren’t for everyone, so if it’s not for you, maybe someone you know has some BIG juicy goals & are ready to GO FOR IT! (or maybe that’s you too …..)

IF you are still in two minds, don’t stress or feel anxious, just make contact via phone, message or email. I too was once upon a time in two minds, about a lot of my life.

Love to all, especially you. Penelope Hall x

Connection is totally the bomb!

The Beauty in our Life’s Hustle.

How long since you have stopped and thought about life? I mean life in general and why we are here, and why we are so caught up in being so darn perfect.

If not for fear of judgement, imagine how extraordinary our lives could be. The wonderous exploration and possibilities we would take ourselves to. Glorify our strengths, our bodies, thoughts and wisdom for you exist in your blended beauty.

OMG! How’s that for a bold statement?

Love. Does it conquer all?

I personally believe it does. It was only when I began to love myself, unconditionally did I realise how important it is to go through this process to find the love that matters most. I cannot stress enough the importance of LOVE inside all of our programmes.

Sometimes love requires accountability & that’s why we are here for YOU. To guide the love to its rightful owner, YOUR Beautiful Self!