Self-Freedom Warriors” have them too

How’s you day?

Yes, that’s right even though I am a part of the “Self-Freedom Warrior” tribe, I too have my days where I feel flat and unworthy.

Old feelings creep in and affect me physically and emotionally.

On my website I say “let’s break the cycle”.

Not only do we need to break the cycle of being abused, but we also need to try and break our own cycles.

For example our current conditioning, our negative thoughts, our current habits that may not be serving us any purpose or any good in our daily living space.

How do we do this? Well I will be honest that it is not easy. I think we all need to first have that “lightbulb moment” to realise we are where we are and that things need to change.

Without this realisation I don’t believe we can move forward too well because we continue to be stuck where we have probably been for far too long.

So what do I do to get myself back on track?

It has been a very long journey to know what to do, who to speak to and to alleviate the feeling that I am alone in all of this.

Let’s get back on track together here at Ego Academy! Join us Today!

Penny x