The EGO! Project

“An unhealthy Ego can rest on the edge of swollen pride. Whilst a nurtured Ego injects the love and respect of self”

Ego is the Latin word for “I”. A healthy ego allows us to grow as a person with awareness of self, to nurture healthy relationships and build healthy life resilience.

Our ego auto-pilots and looks out for “number one”.

Our ego introduces us to the world as who we are “today”, in this one given moment.

At Penelope Jay Hustle Hub + on our EGO! App chats & forums we will be discussing this “ego bizzo” quite a bit. Whether Freud’s theories are right or wrong, it’s always a great conversation starter when we talk about human behaviours.

Our EGO! Project has no boundaries, it is here to stay and the best place to begin is by knowing who you are, how and why you tick and begin to share it with the right people, your people.

The Roar! Project.

This came about by learning of way too many suicides in a man’s world. Men are way too precious to keep losing when it’s too late to even try and talk about what’s going on. There is a solution to every problem. Sure, it may look different to the solution you had in mind, but it’s still a solution and it could very well be a temporary one too, perhaps you could try it out for size and go from there?

Let’s together open our hearts and lead the way for men to talk openly, freely and without hesitation or concern about how you feel and definitely about what’s going on inside your headspace. Let’s together clear the mind clutter and create space for whatever else wants to climb in and provide you awesome peace of mind and show you your true happy place!

Are you a man who squirms at the thought of your feelings coming out? Or are you a guy who loves to talk deep and about the inner stuff?

No matter which “man variety” you are because you are unique and you are THE BEST person at being you. To begin your ROAR! Project journey you must have completed our 6 week Man Hustle course first.

Once complete you will be offered a spot to attend our ROAR! Project weekend away at a stunning location currently in South Australia. A weekend to unwind, gather some extra superpowers (you’ll be up to speed with yours by then), take in the landscape and maybe a few surprises too! Head here for Man Hustle Course details if you are interested in joining us (you won’t regret it, it’s possibly like nothing you’ve ever done before!)

Ethos can be described as the heart of humankind.

Where can you spread your ETHICAL WINGS?

We are on a quest to do our bit, if you want to join us, walk alongside on our journey, to make it yours too, we would be delighted. Penelope & Team x

The ROAR! Project

In the context of life, the man is a leader. He is the protecting force who surrounds his pride. He is the keeper of strength and security.

Has this changed and what context are men viewed as today + what is their (your) role?

Discovering your personal strengths can be life-changing. It’s funny though, you really think we would know what our strengths are as individuals, but when this question is asked, it’s often answered with a blank “ummmm i don’t know”.

It’s almost like we are afraid to talk about what we like about ourselves, which is all too common.

Men, yes you guys, many find it hard to talk about feelings let alone what may be seen as “bragging” about how good you are at something. Ego would come into play then right?

What does a man think about somebody with an ego? Do you talk to your man buddies about this behaviour? Or do you condone it and see it as nothing. It’s no biggie because you can just ignore him or tell him to “quieten down mate” and carry on?

The ETHOS! Project

A pivotal project for all humankind.

Do you remember what Ethos is?

Ethos is a Greek word meaning ‘moral character’. A person living with the right moral air and who exudes honesty, fairness and truth.

Our travel adventure 2021 and beyond will be described as an ethical adventure. Touching the hearts of people who require some extra TLC and human support.

Our charity gala dinners will also be described as ethical gatherings. Touching the full senses of people facing homelessness, domestic abuse and hardship.

Even our EGO! app is an ethos project, providing community resources for discussion, empathy, listening, outcome & solutions.

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