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Penelope Jay Mastermind Member’s Seminar & Workshop Series. 
These workshops have been requested, so here they are! 


WHERE – Adelaide, at a local central venue.
HOW LONG – 2-3 Hours with plenty of time for Q & A. 
WHO – First of My Professional Mastermind Members is Mr Brenton Marriott Owner of Serious Money Financial Consultants. www.seriousmoney.com.au


With all the required University Degrees in tow, Brenton has 32 years experience in the financial arena. He recently took our Mastermind group on a financial journey and we are very thankful for his knowledge and experience, we are implementing the changes in our own financial portfolios.

Brenton guides you naturally, genuinely, compassionately and with much understanding, PLUS in a language you can also relate to. He is well versed in his area of expertise, building an impressive and successful business and portfolio of his own. He is a well known and respected figure both in his field and the wider communities.

Whilst I usually keep my Mastermind Members to myself (because I treasure them), this will be your chance to pick this Financial Master’s brain, listen to all he has to share and learn new. You won’t want to miss this.


*IMPORTANT – this is for anyone and everyone, if you already have a financial portfolio, or even if you do not know where to start, Brenton will guide you. He has a knack for making you feel at ease, no matter your status of finances.


More information to come, watch out for the event link to secure your seat.
Sincerely, Penelope x

“Bringing people back to life again through education, travel experiences and compassion”


For Further information on PJ Masterminds:

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