Oh Behave!

Do you think we can behave whilst transmitting messages? Would we really want to even? Maybe, maybe not. It sure is fun finding out though. I VALUE the thought of it.

Please read on…….

Human behaviour ‘speaks’ volumes. Or does it?
I believe so.
Experience shows me so.
Our Values may just align to be so.

What does this mean?

Well when I refreshed my own core values (my personal beliefs and inner truths), I found out I hadn’t been living life my way, that my transmission of messages may have just been somewhat hazy. That I had in fact shut down, completely ignoring what was important to me.

This “non Value ” way of life impacts how we interact, how we transmit messages to one another.

……and now, my present time? Well, now I’m free and I live, love, like, breath, drive, work, play, cry, exercise, parent, friendship, and so on, quite differently because my life is restored. It’s like I’ve totally come home, like I’ve been delivered a gift, a way out of the haze, the path to my clarity, my purpose and one I now value.

Whilst I’ve been in this “euphoric” – yes big word – state of mind for a good while now, I still thank each day upon waking, and I “get where I’ve been”. I “get the journey”…… and one of the most difficult to accept (because of all the pain), I get the ‘why me’ of it all. Not that I deserved any, nor would I want a repeat (I have learned my lessons and altered my habits in the process), but I just “get” why I am here. I get it all.

I met my core values when I was very young, they took a detour (little buggers!!), then they returned home (there are more than one psychological studies as to how our values are acquired).

Values may look something like this (they may also change again over time): Loyalty/Honesty/Freedom/Service/Kindness/Family/Consistency/Quality time/Communication etc.

NB. Core personal values may intertwine with business values aswell. What’s important to you/us often holds strong wherever applied.

It’s Values week in my PJ space.
Do you think you know yours?
What do you hold important in your world? How do you transmit your messages?

Penelope 💚  

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