Manouvering our gifted Obsessions.

WARNING! Highly intensive manoeuvring going on in here. 

I smile, albeit wryly, as I construct this piece based on the question below to share with you. Many will tell you, “she’s forever inquisitive & lathering in the froth of life and its people”……  yes that would be me.

Here goes:
Q.Hands up if you know someone who has an obsession of sorts?

Agreed, rather an open question and possibly many may be up for a discussion or two. In my experience obsessions arrive in many forms. Of course as we know some human behaviour is rather untidy, questionable, unacceptable, irresponsible and over the top. It can also be funny, gentle, loving, typical and even exotic. So any further awareness, study and observations on how we think, act & react, express full range of emotions and transmit our messages,  can be rather topical, somewhat intricate and in a way, unique.

Delving deeper, perhaps my own internal & external obsession (do I dare call it this?)  with people has something to do with my place in life now, my own manoevuring & behaviours.I have not questioned my own behaviour and traits until more recently actually, alot being that I simply had to.

So, insert Life. 

Have you ever tried this, asking yourself some behavioural questions? Could our immense human interest filter through purely as a fact finding life mission? Or a full behavioural addiction? That manoeuvre of obsession?  Just throwing out some food for thought, but I do believe knowing when to stop, take a break, to back off and to be aware are keys to healthy obsessions of sorts. 

Insert life (again).

Whilst I prefer to recharge from the busy-ness of life on my own, my interest in people, our traits and behaviours has grown. It’s almost a breathless excitement as I continue spending as much time as I can with as many as possible and through my own studies. The difference nowadays is that I have manoeuvred, shifted and regained an energy that is unique to me, unique to my relationships with how I interact, face challenges, work, play, talk, listen and celebrate. My obsession to live a great life never waivered, nor did the desire to go out and find it. I admit I did need to fix a couple areas and educate myself in such a way that opened my heart (and eyes) to some true blue realities, which got me to where I am today.

People teach people how, and who, to be (or not to be). 
People are investigators, researchers, information gatherers, nurturers.
People have the ability to reach out, feel, see, speak.
People are the makers, (and the breakers). 
People hold the force.

This month is VALUE month in PJ world, for all of us, from my Mastermind groups to the people I spend time with on my online and offline courses. We are looking at where our values derive from and asking ourselves if they are different (or same) now from when we were young.  Also working and aligning our personal and business lives with them, ensuring our flow is in the right direction (or at least beginning to be). Our values could be our obsessions, our drivers. Our Values can be a great partnership with our Purpose and Mission. I said on a post last week, that “we shouldn’t leave home without them”.

Truly fascinating. 
Human behaviour, traits, obsessions and values.
Obsession with manoevuring in such a way that it is only held with skill and care.

For me, and for the people I spend time with, this works.
It’s a “gifted obsession” and one we embrace and accept. 
This is when the magic begins, and yes you have heard me say this more than once.
My life and all it encompasses is my #1 obsession & I know 100% just how blessed I am (challenges, changes, highlights and all).
What about you and your obsessions? Have you ever traced their origins, nurtured or manouevred them in a way that is ideal for you and your life? Do you know what your values are all about and how to find them, then how to live with them?

Penelope x
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