I was so fixated on one person for a very long time

From my previous email, I have spoken about what is Fixation and the repercussions of fixation.

In my own experience, Relationship Fixation – we have an understanding that it is not possible to get all that you need in life from another human being or infatuation.  What we can do, is try by removing any negative outcomes as this is not healthy for yourself or your mind.


While we are fixated over an object, sport, or one person, what we need to be aware that fixation can close your opportunities as it is possible that we are failing to see the limitations. How many times have your friends tried to convince you that your relationship is not healthy? You are at that point in your relationship that you do not want to let go because I believed I cannot live without him or her? 

I know now … that was not true … it happened to me.

I became co-dependent in this relationship. 

This is a fact as we become blindsided and allow ourselves to be reconditioned.  

It is never too late to start backtracking if the fixation situation we have placed ourselves in is not right for us. 

It is okay to start extricating yourselves and looking for healthier connections. 

What I have learned from this experience, is to be independent and it is okay to be loved and not to be fixated on a person. A relationship is two way, not just one. 

Something to think about and the importance is to remember that everyone is an individual and is different when it comes to relationships, timing, and priorities. We may not understand why we tend to become fixated.

Becoming fixated and hoping like crazy that the mere existence will be enough to change these priorities reveals a lack of understanding and suggests that we require a need of a reality check. 

Why we try to Be Pleasing others or to fit in within a group or club has some disadvantages.

What happens is that we end up really resenting ourselves for the choices we have made or that person.

 Eventually,  it will surface and often happens when we are so deeply embedded that losing that object, activity, or person is like losing a part of yourself.

It is better to be wise to the possibilities from the start rather than to fantasise and pressure being enforced – Keep your eyes open and learn from your own mistakes as this is growth, not a criticism. 

When we learn from our own mistakes, we learn to grow as I have.

I truly hope you have enjoyed my journey in Fixation, don’t go away, there is more to come, this is our theme topic for the month of June 2020.

 Take care … Stay Safe and You can do this …


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