I was having a hard time admitting to myself

From my previous blog on Fixation. What we are required is to come to terms of accepting our Fixation. Once we have accepted and acknowledged our traits in Fixation, we need to learn how to Overcome Fixation – Admitting that you have an obsession – fixation. Congratulations!!

Admitting to yourself and/or ourselves that we have a fixation is the first step of healing. It’s an overwhelming feeling but a wonderful feeling all at the same time! 

What have I done?  You have given yourself some space to work through this Fixation that has been drowning you. 

The importance of this is to remember until you admit you have a problem, you will have a hard time overcoming it – Where is your Self-Love?

Foremost – Love yourself first, and go easy on yourself too!

How many times I have had conversations with my circle of friends and talked about the importance of having a relationship; is to have a relationship within yourself first. It always sounds so in your face, but can I tell you just how true it is.

If you do not love yourself how can you have a relationship?

What we tend to be mistaken for is Self-Love for Self-Absorption unfortunately, they are not related. 

Respecting your own dignity and supporting


Nourishing your own talents

Caring for your own needs and wants

= Is – Self-love

Although it may take some people longer than others to truly work out who they are, having a sense of purpose shows the person that you truly are. We are needed to laugh, smile, and connect with others to show who we truly are, having our own personality. These are some of the Basic Human Needs.

Placing your own needs

Desires before anyone else’s

In contrast – Self-absorption

Unfortunately, I have seen my own friends, asking for approval, losing their own self-respect as an individual person.

Note to self:                   Self-absorbed people may be desperate for others’ approval

                                           May not have a great opinion about themselves.

I truly hope you have enjoyed my journey on Fixation, please say on board, we are only just getting started!

Take care … Stay Safe and You can do this ..

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