I have been fixated for way too long

What’s going on in your life and adventures world today?

This month brings on a new topic for us to dive into. Co-authored by Graziela, my devoted Operations and Events Manager, and her perspective on FIXATION.

Before today, I never thought of writing an article on Fixation. This word has never come to mind until now. Through my own research, I have learned that Fixation occurs where thoughts, feelings, or behaviour becomes focused, rigid, persistent, and inflexible.

Example 1

We can fixate in our diets that we become obsessed with what types of foods we can eat or what exercise is best for us without realising that we have developed signs of obsessive interests over a simple diet …

Example 2

Why can’t we travel interstate? 

Why hasn’t the government uplifted the restriction by now, I feel as though I can’t see my family? 

Coronavirus has destroyed my life…

I can’t see the light at the end of this coronavirus pandemic… 

Why can’t I stop thinking about it as though I have become obsessed with this…

Example 3

Nail-biting …  Smoking … Gum-chewing and excessive drinking are signs of an Oral Fixation. 

This would indicate that the individual did not resolve the primary conflicts during the earliest stage of psychosexual development, the oral stage.

Diet and Fitness?

Coronavirus Pandemic – the Unknown?

Oral Fixation – Alcohol, Eating, Teeth, etc …?                     



Work Environment?

The list continues including ourselves that we are not aware of this until it has been addressed. 

What happens, we automatically take it to another level that we push ourselves to a breaking point that we become fixated with an idea, a thought, a relationship, friendships, including in a work we environment.

At times we require to turn to our, “Superpowers” our, “Safe Place”. Have faith within yourself.

When you hear the word, “Fixation” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Do you have any traits of a Fixation that you are not aware of?

There are so many different definitions of Fixation – Depending on the context the underlying of Fixation is: “An obsessive interest in or feeling about someone or something”.

Apparently, in psychology meaning, Fixation is used in Cognition, learning, personality to name a few.

I am not a medical professional, but what I do know through my own experiences. Some people will become fixated with the “New Norm” as we ALL know that we have a long road ahead of us to come to terms with Coronavirus or we might not recover from this. 

How can we learn from this and understanding the pitfalls of Obsession Fixation?

Admitting having a problem is taking baby steps to recovery. 

How do I know this? 

I had to swallow my pride and asked for help. 

That is right, since the lockdown something changed in me. Every time I walked into a supermarket, my heart rate would start to race, and my right hand would shake. I was having signs of mild anxiety. I was becoming fixated with Coronavirus because of the unknown.

I knew deep down I had to do something about these conditions before it took over me. I talked myself through this and I need to help myself. I turned to Self-Care and my friends in the Psychology world. Penny!! Where are you? I need your help!  

What we can do from this point in our lives is to learn to accept our Fixation and move forward with this?

It is especially important in our everyday lives we can do stress-relieving activities that will help us to relax. This helped me and I know it can help others to feel calmer and more in control of our feelings, our anxieties when we are worried or fixated about someone or something.

So, what I was able to do is to manage my fears and to take up some lite activities with the help of some professional help to take the mind off coronavirus (Fixation)

Whenever I started to feel anxious about a fixation, I would try doing something that would help me and I know this will help you feel calm and peaceful, for instance: 

  • Meditation, can I share how good a mind tool this is!
  • Yoga; and you don’t have to be a pro either!
  • Going for a gentle walk around the neighbourhood or a hike like we did through  Morialta Falls or Mt Lofty, in our local area
  • Spending time with friends and family, albeit virtually during lockdown isolation
  • Reading a book or watching a fun TV show on the pay channels these days
  • Working on a hobby or creative projects such as knitting, sewing, or baking
  • Keeping a Journal

I truly hope you have enjoyed my journey in Fixation, part 1. There is more to come, we researched this little baby well and truly! 

Take care … Stay Safe and You can do this …

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