How’s your puff? Human engines can run low, I so get that

How’s you day?

Honestly, so how is YOUR puff? Have you run out of steam and just can’t be bothered anymore? I know the feeling and it can be very debilitating. Energy levels can hit an all time pit because “life is life after all” (as I say).

Even though you seem to sleep OK (well, some may say “sort of” sleep) you still wake up exhausted and you didn’t even go to the gym or do anything majorly physical yesterday. You are mentally exhausted and this can cause all kinds of emotions to surface.

Going through emotional pain and trauma completely and utterly breaks us down. Knowing how to pick ourselves up from this can be just as tiresome because it requires the brain to think of an action plan, a way out of this mess and stress and this can even be too much when you are in fight or flight mode of your life.

“Mess and stress” do not have to be part of our every day lives forever. These can be eliminated. Our good puff can return as can the worthiness we richly deserve to feel every second of every day. I wanted my own puff back and whilst I didn’t realise at the time, I wanted my life and zest back too. I wanted restoration of some normality, some peace and as much as I am a fan of stage shows, I was completely over the drama.

So, how’s your PUFF? By taking a very first action step forward, this puff can change to something like energy, clear thoughts, enjoyable times, even GREAT times and some sparkle and razzamatazz back into your life.

Let’s get our puff back together, it is really worth it. We are worth it. I am worth it. You are worth it. Let’s just do it, let’s “kick the pebble” today, and then move the mountain tomorrow (the mountain can wait).

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Penny x