How do you have your Tea?


Have you ever thought about “doing different” but fear got in the way? Or are you someone who takes a chance, be it a well informed chance or even a spontaneous one?

Have you ever stopped yourself because of any of the following:
Fear of judgement, failure, success, doing wrong, doing right? Doing different even?

In recent years, I had to make some pretty hectic choices and decisions. I pushed through possibly ALL of my comfort zones AND fears which almost broke me. These choices changed the course of my life, and the lives of my two young children.

I was scared, petrified, felt so unworthy and many a time treading water in such unknown oceans that I honestly thought at the time, I would fall under, be gone forever.

Today I sit here smiling, feeling warm, feeling love and feeling loved in return. Nowadays, to some I may seem “out there”, “strong minded”, “pushy with my values”, “fearless” and the like. I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea. This used to matter to me, it used to get to me if people didn’t like me….. BUT nowadays it’s ok. I understand. I get it.

I released all expectations. This set me free.
I released all drama. This set me free.
I released what does not do me good. This set me free.
I invited the right people in. This set me free.
I learned to love me again. This set me free.
I learned to love others again. This set me free.

All I can keep repeating is thank you life, thank you universe, for the choices I was initially forced to make, but now actually make by my own accord. I am a lucky girl, a blessed woman.

Penelope x

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