Go and Get Funked! Yes, you heard it right

So, last week was full of such reflections. I’m doing it again this week. Such revelations and realisations of enormity call for a further week to get my REFLECTIVE FUNK into tip top shape. 

The “funk phase” started happening last week and I WANT MORE. It made me feel so good about ME and who I am, so I have made a CHOICE.  I am going deeper.  I’m going in, and I won’t be the same when I return. 

I am so excited to be getting funked. It might just get funky here. My reflection is strong and it is ready.  I am smiling, laughing, feeling, expressing, talking, loving, learning and living.  

Calls to action. Changed behaviours and mindset. Almighty thin line thinking with goals being set and results overflowing. 

How did I get here? I took that first step, I did something different. It was a hard one and one I was scared to take, so scared – but I did it, and YOU can too. 

Take a moment. Breathe. Reflect. Realise. Overcome. Heal.  

Your funk is waiting. Now, you, YES YOU…….Go and get funked!  

Penny x 

ps. there are a few meanings of the word “funk”. My choice for this word is to liken it to “getting my groove on”, “getting down and funky to live the life of total “Self-Freedom”.