Not for you however,  for the BS in your life.  

Are you completely and utterly over all the BS that goes on out there? (We all know what BS means by now yes?). Perhaps it’s the journey I’ve personally been on, but I am such a ‘non BS’ person that I can now usually spot it a mile away and when i do, I put my running shoes on then and there and I spring off as fast as I can in the opposite direction. 

But wait….is this the right attitude to have? Am I doing it right? Could I choose another tactic for the “BS trap” perhaps? Hmmmm…….Let’s delve a little deeper (coz that’s what Self-Freedom Warriors do right?). 

I am social by nature, I get a total buzz from people. I always have and I know I always will. My friends hale from all over the planet and this “totes” floats my boat. I love learning from them, absorbing their lives into mine (with limits of course) and I love the journey some of them and I have taken over time be it short or long hours we spend together. I love looking at past photos, videos and bringing to the fore the memories we have created. 

Since social media has entered on stage left, it has brought many other contacts into my life, not just my “organic friends”.  Social media is a big part of my life and so much so that I am now in heaven with the business and personal connections I am making. Imagine how “floaty my totey boaty” is now hey? Loving it! 

Nothing to do with my darling friends or business connections, because I adore each and every one of them unconditionally. I want to raise the topic of BS and look at it differently.  So, we are all full of BS at times (yes you too) and today I was thinking “how do we choose which BS might be OK to hang on to for a little while and which BS gets the flick”? 

That is, handed its wings and told to move on! I ask and think about this because some BS may actually have a meaning to it “behind the scenes” or “beneath the surface” and someone who you think is feeding you some BS may infact be crying out for help (be it they are aware of this or not).  Intuition or “gut feel” may help us to decipher too. 

I am a person of emotion, feeling and I am real. I am trustworthy, honest, loyal and I believe in doing the right thing in business, in friendship and with family. I am universal and spiritual and I have many beliefs. I have re awoken my true values and so far I have been able to stick by them (they were lost for too  many years). On the flipside I’ve also been through a lot of BS as well and been taken advantage of, had wool pulled over my eyes, had things stolen from me, judged, tricked and spoken to harshly. Sound familiar to many of you?  

With our world becoming faster and faster it would be nice to stop some of this BS and to regain our composure. It would be great if we could again be honest with one another, be kind to one another, be gentle, be loving, be giving, be supportive, be apologetic, be authentic, be humble and be YOU/US. Or at the very least be aware of these “BS removal tools” and work on them every day. 

How do we do it? How do we shift the BS?

In my experience finding the right people to hang out with makes a huge difference. Finding your peace zone and applying some focus to it. Living simply, not over complicating and giving to others. Releasing anger and resentment, giving more love, entertaining, laughing and so on. Give social media a rest sometimes too. Read a book, listen to some music/see a band, organise to spend time with some buddies. Invite some people over to your house and cook for them. Don’t gossip.  

Bottom line: give that awful BS its free wings. Sooner the better. We are all Self-Freedom Warriors, or heading in that direction, so with lots of life, love and belief we can do this and we can do it now. Join us at Ego Academy, our lives will be simpler and more fulfilling with less BS. True? True.  

Penny x