CONNECT is all about that….

 Hey Hey!


No use beating around the bush, we are here, and here to stay. What am I talking about? ……Our app of course  …. It’s app weekly time and as I said in my previous email, you’re going to be hearing a lot more from us / me about the app and what we do inside. 

Today I’d like to share the Connect section of the app with you. True to the name CONNECT is all about that …. Connecting with one another. 

…. And actually to take that a little bit further, true to my name and who I am, the entire app is about a connection like no other. There are no masks, no hiding behind the curtains and no being quiet about anything anymore. 

Ego Academy IS the social revolution game changer, the absolute alternative social and business scene on the scene! All talk.

No ads (friggen hallelujah!)Speak your mind. Connect with other people.

Write a book. Take a challenge. Whatever you like doing most, you MUST do it now, and you can do it safely inside the Ego Academy.

Love books? Talk about these. OMG! Even write your own inside our Co-Writers Corner, which is a BIG part of the Academy.

Love food? Go your hardest in our dedicated food lovers room. Know alot or little about money, join the financial chats too.

There’s not much that isn’t happening inside our social revolution platform. Looking for leadership, join a Secret Room (these are very, very special!) Who built the app? I did, Penny Hall.

Over the last 2.5 years. Me, myself and I. 

Come, connect and revolution with us! Over and out, peace out! Love, Penny xo 

Thank you

Penny x