Cherry Pie is on the Menu Today!

Sometimes the love (and support) we are giving may not be the kind of love that other person needs/wants/likes to receive. Often our own perception of love is different to another’s, another language even.

So how do we tune into “their” kind of love? How do we understand their love and needs above our own? How does our own thoughts and perceptions attune to this? Isn’t love just love and the same thing for all of us? 

This can be a challenging path to try and get your  head around at the best of times, let alone someone else’s way of loving. 

I truly LOVE what I do more than I can ever express in words. I believe I was lead here by the stories of my own life, my ups and downs, my own wins and challenges. I spend much time with many different amazing people, special people. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t. 

It’s now directly from the “don’ts” that I learn the most from.

In days gone by there is a fair chance I would have a meltdown as to why I was not the perfect fit for that person. Why? Because I value what I do, I am one of those passionate humans, and who I am matters to me very much. Each person is special, no matter their own journey in life. 

In a complete day, I may drawer from my own experiences. I may also drawer from education, learning, listening, reading, talking, new experiences, mentors, coaches, my children, my friends, my family. I may even drawer from all of these.

Do I get it right all of the time now if I have so much experience behind me? No I don’t. I wish I did, but I  just don’t. 

So what do I do to make it right?

Well, I release expectations and I release any form of perfection and I make changes, I accept and I submit. I step back, see it for what it is, or what it was and I think about my own behaviour. I think about the behaviour of all these special people, the environment and very importantly the love. 

We are all trying our best to survive. To be happy. To be at peace.
Be kind to yourself. 
You are the cherry on top. 
You are the sweetest of icing. 
You are the bubbles in your life. 
You are the light and the dark combined. 
You are the motivation, the reason, the purpose and the meaning in your life. 

You are beautiful and you are special. This will be until you are no more and will be granted for eternity, wherever you shall lay your hat, your scarf, your crown, your cloak, your Peace.

Penelope x 

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