Breathe everything out

Where did we start to Breathe?

Hello, what’s going on in your world?

If we are breathing it certainly is positive. 

Sometimes our breath is short and quick if we are feeling anxious. Deep if we are exercising or practicing yoga even. Or somewhere in between.

Well isn’t it so weird where life takes us?

Join us this month of August as Himanshu Rai takes us on a journey, from his cultural and personal perspective. This beautiful young man, who lives with us in Adelaide, is originally from India, and shares some of his own practises which involve breath.

The very breath that begins our life and the same breath when it’s time to leave.

Let’s move on ….. 

It was just another normal day when I and Penny were discussing various aspects and styles of life. We were just putting the stuff we had going on, one thing led to another;

that’s the beauty with having a conversation with Penny…. You can talk from anything as simple as wine or a coffee (I know it’s a tough one) to discuss the various life philosophies and ideologies…. Boom!!!

Penny got another awesome idea ….why not put in on the monthly email and let all of you have to dwell on this for a month! (or more)

‘It is so dynamic, yet so subtle 

It takes a huge amount of discipline and control to master it, yet it may happen without any effort. The one who masters it becomes the one who others idolize?



Take a deep breath, hold it for five seconds
1, 2, 3, 4, 5……. and exhale as slowly as possible.


Wow…!! You actually did that consciously. That’s the first step. Do you remember how many times have you breathed from the start of this thought-provoking article?

Every one of us realises the simple meaning of the word Breathe in the physical context. Which is to let the Oxygen in and Carbon dioxide out.

I am going to digress a small bit here.

The other day my friend called me. She let out a deep sigh. Instinctively I could make out she was worried and anxious. I asked, what happened? Are you all alright?

Another deep sigh …

She was going through some tough times and just needed someone to open up to. Especially in the current times and scenarios where the need to talk and share is of utmost importance. I was happy to lend my ears.

In the end, there was another sigh. But this sigh was filled with relief and of gratitude. She was feeling much better, said thank you and hung up.

Alot can happen, that’s life.

How do you act in those situations generally depends on lessons you’ve learned from your own experiences or the outside world. It also depends on your personality and how do you deal with them.

At the outset of all this, how do you breathe in that situation will decide whether you keep stuck in it or move ahead by tackling it!! Do you remember getting out of breath or feeling tired after you let anger the better of you? well, surely I do…

In my personal experience, I get a very bad headache and I feel so tired after I get angry or am too irritated…whereas some other people around us, e.g. People who are good at debating or someone who can turn the tables even against all the odds and there are some people we see around us who can amazingly handle the stressful situations and can even leverage from it.

(Stay tuned for the next couple of emails and you will learn the trick of your own BREATH)

Love to You All, Himanshu
(and Penny too! x)

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