Briefly, I have been in business for myself for around 17 years, involving my 30 year career in the travel industry with the addition now, since 2015, Life Coaching.  

I have some really cool superpowers of my own too, which I  delightfully discovered in recent years and recognise they have always been with me.  

I am extremely creative, self driven and passionate about living a good life! 

I have worked at hotels, convention centres, tour wholesalers, airlines, gyms and retail shops. I have worked as a secretary, sales executive, tour guide, corporate sales manager, travel agent, babysitter, flower shop assistant, home loan and  airline call centres.  Rather diverse and a definite pattern of human connection.

Then here I am now. 

I have always had a high interest (more like an obsession) with human behaviour, cultural uniqueness and language.  Every thought I have seems to be outside the square with a total innate need for social justice, equality and freedom.  

Being impacted by domestic family abuse wasn’t enough for me to just sit by and accept this is all life was to be for me. Inquisitive by nature, I wanted to see what I thought the other people had, those happy people and I wanted what  “they had” , I wanted it so badly, indeed it was an obsession to get there. I now recognise this as being extremely TENACIOUS, deriving from every fibre of my entire being. 

Going through some fairly life altering experiences such as I have, has changed me, alot. I don’t think I would be human if they didn’t. Since making it through, I will sometimes take a moment to look at my reflection and nowadays I can honestly share that I accept I am one strong woman, mum, friend, daughter, lover and business leader.  I really like who I am.

Ps. Just between us, my “calling” and my own life adversities are  WHY I am here doing what I am doing, for you. Too many of us do not like who we are, where we are and where we are going, so LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Let’s make Changes! TODAY!

Penelope x