“These days of freedom feel so good” Penelope x
The Great Outdoors, where I find my grounding!

Our Story

Hi, I’m Penelope Hall, the face behind Penelope Jay. We’ve all made mistakes right, but do we always learn from them?  Personally, It took years to really know what my mistakes were. Life was complicated and the wrong people were in my face and head. It ripped me apart!

I crumbled. The merry-go-round I was on pumped fast, for a very long time.  It hurt. I was angry. I was very stuck!

Change is never easy, believe me I know. One thing I did learn, is to accept support into my life when I needed it & them the most.

What does Self-Freedom mean to you? It could be a feeling, a need or a desire for something you have been searching for, for a very long time. Life just hadn’t or hasn’t connected the way you thought it would by now. 

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My Awesome Team!

Talented, skilled kind people who live by their values & now work by my side. Allow me to introduce them to you, with more team growth on the way.

Meet the people behind the Penelope Jay & Ego Academy engine, my shiny squad!

Andrew Teoh
Originally from Malaysia, now calls Adelaide his home.
– Social Media, Photography & Videographer magician!

Andrew, he’s the total bomb, he oozes generosity, kindness and talent!

Graziela Venuto
Bringing a delicious array of passion & management skills.
– Events & Operations Manager guru!

Graziela, a driven, organised and beautiful soul, oozing corporate management, writing authority and baking Queenship!

Our Human Approach

If only we knew what we knew back then ….. have you found yourself ever saying or thinking this?

Mistake after mistake, failure after failure, sometimes this is what it feels like, do you agree?

Our philosophy here at Penelope Jay & our offshoot elements, was to take my original “vision”, which was to ensure nobody is ever along whilst “doing life”, and to create a platform, a safe place, a type of HOMEBASE for people to come to and feel love, understanding, loyalty and stop for a while to gather enough speed again, to carry on with their life.

It’s what I saw when I began my own personal growth journey after changing the locks on my home.

Life will NEVER fully balance!  

Adults – Does your past revisit you? AND at the most annoying times? You dream of a life that aligns, a life that just works for you and a life that would slow down. Can you relate?

Kids –  how about you? What’s going on in your worlds? Are you being listened to and speaking the same language with the people who mean the most to you?  

Here’s the thing, for all of us, regardless of age. More often than not, we repeat the learned behaviours. These can cause pain because it’s just not coming together. Until something or someone breaks, or we are at that tipping point and BANG! it all comes apart.  
So, for you, how do you know when  “enough is enough” ?  Have you experienced this or about to?

Next Steps…

The next step is usually the most challenging to decide upon. We overthink, we procrastinate and we place monumental expectations, not only on ourselves but the ripple effect onto others too. Want to know a secret step? Stop it! Stop overthinking, procrastination, and expecting so much of yourself and others. End of Story!