A Day in the Life of THANK YOU!

Hi lovely  

STOP!STOP IT!STOP IT RIGHT NOW!LOOK. THANK YOU. Look up, look down, look behind, look in-front, look around, look in, look out, look at him, look at her, look at them, look at us, look at YOU.

Just look and look now. Thank you. Have you just stopped and looked recently?Looked at all the beauty about the place?All the amazing people in your life?

All the incredible experiences you have had and will have?Have you looked and said thank you?  Life may feel like it is tumbling down on you sometimes. Like the roundabout is never going to stop. Like you just can’t get off. 

If we make some CHANGES this roundabout can stop, can slow down and we can “smell the roses”. Life is wonderful as are the people in it and the natural wonders around us. There are messages everywhere, just STOP AND LOOK.  

You know how I talk about DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT?  Well, can I share that it does work. I am a firm believer of not living in the past, not holding onto hurts that cripple us our entire life because we just refuse to let go.

None of us are perfect and if we spend our time being annoyed and angry at everyone all the time, what’s the fun in that? You may continually ask “when is it MY TIME then?”

Well, there is an answer to this, LET IT GO, MOVE ON, LOOK and say THANK YOU.

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Penny x