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Daring to dream and creating the space or these to develop is BIG energy

It takes a kind of Master Plan & We get it.

That’s why we are here, we’ve been down that road before, so we know the

kind of master plan it takes. We also know an easier way!

"Often it just takes one thing, one different life move, to takes us places we thought we’d never get to"
Life Coach

project Life select

A coach takes the team to victory! Well, that’s the plan at the beginning of the season, right? A sweet victory, YES! is different for each of us. The team at Ego Academy share our sweetest + personal success wins with you, of just HOW TO keep your life cool from overwhelm + Sweet As!

women's Unbound Status Quo

Sometimes our life has been lived by impulses instead of feelings. 

Impulses send waves of shock right into the middle of our epicentre and we begin to tell ourselves our dreams don’t need to be reached anymore. 

Feelings are our protectors and don’t like being suppressed. 

Our feelings are run by the the heart & something our logical mind does not always understand. 

Our heart is also our intuition, our gut feel and if listened to will guide us in making wise decisions.

To begin with, it’s not just a course, a programme, or a walk in the same old park! Oh, and, heads up gorgeous, I personally don’t settle until I get what I want, which means I have your back at all times!


Here at the Ego Academy we flip life around, not much stays the same. So if you have experienced any of these below at one time or another then YES let’s get you on the team!


Anxiety & overwhelm, depression, fixed anticipation, dizziness with excitement, love, suppression, fun & laughter, life connection or disconnection, abuse, a relationship or two, work differences, loss & grief, PTSD, family shenanigans.

men's den

 A super relaxed place for men to talk openly about life in a Man’s World.

Here’s a brief format, again to keep it super, super easy for you.

All Men’s Den chats are now available inside the Ego Academy App. Install our app TODAY! for all the information and join in the conversations for MEN ONLY.

A little piece of background before we begin.


During the fourth quarter of 2020 we hand picked 10 men from different parts of the globe to join us in a series of online sessions to talk about Men’s Business. They helped Penelope Hall create our Men’s Den. They are our complete heroes! Concern for men’s mental wellbeing has been growing over the past few years. ”I looked at the men in my life and I see great figures in their own right. I see delight and pride. I also see some other things”. Penelope x Out there, beautiful souls are sometimes really struggling (that’s the reality of it), yes both men and women, but there’s just something special in men that requires some further investigation, a deeper dive.



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Roar! Programmes

Roar! Programme for …
Man / Woman / Families / Gender Neutral

 Stop! No overthinking. Let’s cut to the chase, this isn’t a normal kind of course. It’s a little upbeat yet definitely low key & a promised no drama way of helping you talk about some of your life goings on. Even nutting out some areas of life that may be troubling you. Or defining what it is you want, even if you are unsure *Join us, become a Roar! Member today!

Life & Mindset elements

Thank goodness all our senses can be put to good use when it comes to learning, listening, and life lessons. Our community outreach offers some really great platforms for you to learn from, be entertained by, and join in. Our Ego Academy Podcast is now LIVE on Spotity and Itunes please head to your favourite podcast app to tune in.

A Quick Mindset Element:
Have you ever written yourself a letter? Yes that’s right, a letter just like we used to, on paper and to someone. Except this one is to YOU.

I know it sounds rather out there, but with mental health illness caused by stress, anxiety and overwhelm on the increase, the scary statistics show by working on ourselves in a focused & nurtured manner, really helps bring happiness & ease the unknown.

That’s where we step in, to show you how!

fall in love with our features

Group travel

We will travel again!
Hi Penny here, and I am also a highly accredited 30+ years experienced Personal Travel Manager. I am bringing travel adventures to our community too. Once our international borders open again, please join us, delight your own experiential senses of sight, sound & taste. All tours will be suitable for teen aged children. 

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ego! academy

Online Course Learning is one of the ultimate upskilling & convenient life tools today. Our courses may well be an introduction for you to taking a look at your life from a new perspective, or they may add to your awareness knowledge. Even the art of forgiveness can be learned in a world that seems to be ever closing in on us. For your life to be GREAT, honestly you have to plan to MAKE IT GREAT.

our legacy footprints

How will you be remembered once you are no longer physically here? If we start with the end in mind, it’s not so scary to envisage our legacy footprints. Legacy building is actually quite fun, an excuse to PLAY LIFE BIG. You may discover or adventure bigger than you ever imagined.

My Life Legacy Accountability Document

Ego Membership

Members Access to Courses.


Join Our Growing Facebook group, interact and have fun with our challenges!

Private Coaching

Looking for 1-to-1 Counselling or Life Coaching? Book a Call with Penelope today!

Women's Unbound status quo

An All Women Walking Consciously Training Programme

Men's den

A super relaxed place for Men to talk openly
about life in a Man's World.

Switchlife app

Join our app discovery experiences to reach your full potential and find your unique ego identity + have a heap of fun doing it!

Life, the Mother of all Ultimacy, Love, Adventure and Reflection.

My Life is Important. I will find what I Value & Begin Here!

Yes, I had a good life!

Before you head off, firstly, try really hard not to put the pressure on yourself to change anything overnight, and definitely, practise not overprocessing inner thoughts like “I have to change the world today” or “I have no idea where to even start”. Living an EXPECTATIONAL life only causes problems for everyone concerned, so on the list of your to do’s, also drop expectations on yourself and on others. They don’t work, never have, never will!

(no expectations = no disappointment = win win!)

Are you with me?




Where are you at with life right now? 

If you are looking for some “real deal” life feedback & someone to deliver it to you, you are in the right place.
 I promise to always listen & deliver my best with life systems I know work. 
My children and I completely turned our life around from rock bottom to the success we live today! No word of a lie, we did it tough. 
Then I discovered life choices, human boundaries, and a loving tribe. I left those others behind, 
right where they left me. Was it labour intensive? Yes, you better believe it. 
Judgements? Too many to count, so we pushed on like brave warriors.  
Your life won’t be the same as ours. It will differ, neither does anxiousness, overwhelm, 
depressive feelings or life challenging surprises.  
So, your first step is to understand who you are from the inside and go from there. 
You may then rediscover what you value most in life and find your happy. 
PLUS … know what you are willing to tolerate, let go of and forgive, 
NOW! is true bravery and freedom. 
 Peace & Love, Penelope Hall x 
A Life Coach 
(who has seen it all, or at least a most of it!)




I am a very big animal lover and advocate to keep all animals feeling safe and out of harms way.

I have taken up a Volunteer Role as a Pet Rescue Ambulance Driver & School Talks Educator for RSPCA Animal Rescue and it is my wish for us to do our bit for as many animals we we can reach, supporting them with their safety, human trust and care.

  • You can also donate additional funds if you wish to via the RSPCA which links directly to our Ego Academy fundraising page, or you may click here too.
  •  Thanking you in advance for your love and support too!
  • Sales from Roar! go directly to Ego Academy.
  • Ego Academy transfers each Roar! $10.00 directly to RSPCA via our personal fundraising link.
  • Our first goal is to reach $500.
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